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Abri-Form L4 Brief (Formerly X-Plus) - Large - Fits 40" to 60" - Absorbs 4000ml - Case
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Detailed Description

Large - Fits 40" to 60" - Absorbs 4000ml

Abena's main focus is on design and producing innovative, high quality, protective and absorbent hygiene products providing an excellent user experience at a reasonable cost. Abri-Form® is a full range of all-in-one briefs for all degrees of incontinence. The products are available in various sizes and absorbency levels to meet individual needs. Abri-Form® briefs are provided with refastenable tapes and are particularly suited for highly demanding situations.


Abena Abri-Form® Key Features:

(1) Wetness Indicator - Each Abri-Form® brief is provided with a wetness indicator, which clearly shows when the brief should be changed.
(2) Refastenable Tapes - Refastenable tapes enable adjustments and ensure a perfect fit.
(3) Plastic Foil - The foil is made of polyethylene which is converted into water and carbon dioxide under combustion.
(4) Color Codes - Each size has its own color. The color indicates the absorption capacity, i.e. a darker color, a higher absorption.
(5) Elastic Waistband and Barriers - The elastic waistband at the back of the brief ensures a perfect anatomic fit, while the reliable leakage barriers, extending right to the edge of the brief, ensure unrivalled leakage protection in all situations.
(6) Top Dry - The isolating Top Dry layer with embossed channels triples the distance between the skin and the part of the brief where the liquid is absorbed. The brief always feels dry and comfortable.
(7) Dry Surface - The surface consists of a non-woven fabric that is permanent penetrable to liquids. So the brief always feels pleasantly dry.
(8) Fast Liquid Dispersion - The lengthwise channel system in the absorption core ensures a fast drain and dispersion of the liquid.
(9) Double Absorption Core - A super strong absorption core with long cellulose fibers is placed in the middle of the diaper.
(10) Improved SuperAbsorbent - The new superabsorbent not only keeps the liquid effectively in the brief but also prevents the development of unpleasant odors.

Please Note: The absorption level of each product varies. The Abri-Form® Large X-Plus Brief absorbs 4100ml.

12/Bag - 36/Case

Package Size: 12/Bg, 36/Cs

Unit Of Sale: Case

Manufacturer: Abena

Medicare Covered? N/A

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